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NGSG SMART (System Management and Recovery Technology) System

INNOVATIVE CONCEPT – Avoid shutdowns by steering away from them automatically:

  • Suction pressure
  • Discharge pressure
  • Interstage pressures
  • Gas discharge temperatures - Outlet interstage
  • Horsepower
  • Rod load

SECONDARY IDEA – Maximize performance automatically:

  • Maximize flow with varying pressure conditions – up to driver Hp limits
  • Control dewpoint to increase/decrease condensate at each stage outlet
  • Reduce blowdown emissions (fewer shutdowns & multistage blowdown/pressurized restart)
  • Catch engine before detonation shutdown by reducing load until problem goes away

- Key aspect : The control setpoint is acted upon before reaching the shutdown trip -

total cost graph

How it Works

How it works

NGS controls both valves to steer package away from shut down while maximizing flow. Customer controls the “gas pedal” while NGS controls the internals.

line graph 3