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Cummins KTA19 / CIP


  • 420 HP
  • 2.0 MMSCFD @1200psig
  • 2.5 MMSCFD @800psig
  • 0.5 NOx (g/Hp-Hr)
  • 2.0 CO (g/Hp-Hr
  • 0.7 NMHC (g/Hp-Hr

stock unit performance graph

Above stock unit performance can be optimized around other conditions. Contact NGSG for your specific needs.

NGSG SMART System Highlights:

  • Reduce shutdowns by as much as 25% over industry standard compressors*
    • 100% turn down of flow - 24/7/365
    • Elimination of pressure, horsepower, and rod load related shutdowns
    • Rock-solid pressure control over the widest range of process needs & upsets
    • Robust freeze avoidance for uninterrupted operation in cold weather
    • Run through fluctuating BTU fuel gas upsets rather than shutting down
  • Maximum power and flow optimized over the entire range of process conditions – done automatically
  • When N+1 units are installed, compressor flow reliability approaches 100% as the multiple machines automatically increase flow to fill gap when unit goes down
  • Dewpoint control – Temperature process control to within 2-4°F of setpoint
  • Telemetry via cellular or satellite of package data (includes ALL engine panel information too):
    • Remote setpoint allowable
    • Monthly sorting and tally of alarms/shutdowns for continuous improvement
    • Both, customer connection at panel & web-based access to real time and historical data

Environmental Engineered Aspects:

  • Pneumatic end devices made electric (standard)*
  • Electric start*
  • Crank case and packing vent capture (option)*
  • Lower engine emissions
  • Electric drive (option)*

Package Features:

  • All vessels meet ASME Section VIII standards with 1/8” corrosion allowance
  • All vessels meet API 11P Class C standard
  • All piping systems meet ASME B31.3 standard
  • API 618 Design Approach 2 pulsation and mechanical analysis performed for smooth operations
  • Standard design to maximize parts availability and minimize downtime
  • Suction control and recycle valves – Murphy C5 controller. Recycle valve is mounted on skid
  • DP pressure and temperature monitoring across exhaust catalyst
  • Rigid four beam skid with 1.5 times capacity environmental containment designed for packed earthen pad
  • NGSG custom fuel gas scrubber for maximum engine protection
  • Electrical rating service of Class 1, Group D, Division II areas*
  • NGSG custom designed, Murphy C5 controlled inner and outer louvers, separate for each process gas section – These louver sections do not require frequent adjustments and repairs like industry standard louvers
  • No hot gas bypass required*
  • NGSG’s custom flooded skirt heat tracing to avoid package liquid line freeze ups
  • 500 psig MAWP blow case on separate skid (Option)
  • Critical Grade engine exhaust silencer
  • Murphy C5 Controller - fully integrated with engine messages and alarms

Driver: Cummins KTA19GCE 420hp@1800rpm w/ EICS Controls

  • Murphy EICS Emissions Control System designed to achieve 0.5g/bhp-hr NOx
  • Electric start system with on board battery charger
  • EICS Engine Management

Compressor: CiP PJT/4

  • 600 BHP 4-Throw Frame
  • 750-1800 RPM
  • 3” Stroke
  • 20,000 lbf Total Rod Load (11,000 lbf Compression, 10,000 lbf Tension)
  • VVCP’s on all cylinders
Compression Stage Cylinder MAWP
1st Stage 7” / 7” 300 / 300
2nd Stage 5.5” 1270
3rd Stage 3.5” 1725


Cooler: 60” ETR OFE Forced Draft Vertical Discharge

Minimum design parameters:

  • 3,000’ elevation
  • 110°F ambient with 5% excess cooler duty
  • Compressor PTO driven cooler fan
  • All tubes SA 214 Carbon Steel with Aluminum fins
  • Individual auto louvers inside and outside each gas section
  • ASME Code Stamp per ASME Section VIII, Div 1 with Nat’l Board Registered

*Contact NGSG for details

** Size may change slightly due to minor improvements. Confirm size with NGSG drawings