SCSEngineered Products

designs and fabricates high quality rotary screw gas compressor packages up to 2500hp and reciprocating gas compressor packages up to 500hp. More>>

CiP Compressor

Cylinders in Plane (CIP) designs, manufactures a unique reciprocating compressor for OEM distribution to compressor manufacturers and distributors. More>>

Flare King

A recognized leader since 1980 in the design, manufacture, installation, and service of patented tip flare systems, flare stacks, ignition systems, and control devices. More>>

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Service and Installation

Natural Gas Services Group, Inc. (NGSG) employs full-time, qualified and trained personnel for installation and service. They are ready 24 hour a day, seven days a week. Our fleet of service vehicles is equipped with safety equipment for hostile environments and the most up-to-date equipment and supplies to handle the majority of installation and service situations. Flare King equipment is manufactured in Midland, Texas. We maintain a workforce that is expert in the science of gas flaring design. Our research and development capabilities permit Flare King to develop new and improved products that are perfect for our customer's specific needs. Products manufactured by Flare King are in daily operations worldwide.

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