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designs and fabricates high quality rotary screw gas compressor packages up to 2500hp and reciprocating gas compressor packages up to 500hp. More>>

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Cylinders in Plane (CIP) designs, manufactures a unique reciprocating compressor for OEM distribution to compressor manufacturers and distributors. More>>

Flare King

A recognized leader since 1980 in the design, manufacture, installation, and service of patented tip flare systems, flare stacks, ignition systems, and control devices. More>>

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Portable Flare

Flare King manufactures trailer and skid-mounted portable flares for CO2, H2S, natural gas and olefin applications. The smokeless tip units provide a means of disposal for drilling and production gas byproducts and feature self-contained lifting systems. Flare King portable flares are manufactured in a variety of sizes for remote applications at small production facilities or large plants. All portable units are equipped with state-of-the-art ignition systems with constant 5-second re-ignition cycles. Our portable flare systems feature solar power, although any of the flare system designs can be configured to operate on 110 volts AC with battery backup. Both trailer and skid-mounted flares come with pre-engineered winch and cable sizes and arm specifications. Standard vertical flares are also available in portable models.

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