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designs and fabricates high quality rotary screw gas compressor packages up to 2500hp and reciprocating gas compressor packages up to 500hp. More>>

CiP Compressor

Cylinders in Plane (CIP) designs, manufactures a unique reciprocating compressor for OEM distribution to compressor manufacturers and distributors. More>>

Flare King

A recognized leader since 1980 in the design, manufacture, installation, and service of patented tip flare systems, flare stacks, ignition systems, and control devices. More>>

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Natural Gas Services Group, Inc. (NGSG) and its subsidiary, Screw Compression Systems, Inc. (SCS), step outside the box with the CiPerator dual compressor-power system. The CiPerator design connects the CiP compressor through-drive crankshaft to an electric power generator to provide auxiliary power for supplemental on-site power to drive pump jacks, transfer pumps, security lighting and other remote site needs.

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